Search Engine Optimization and Web Design

Web Design

Repeatedly I see beautiful websites and think to myself, what a joy! Many companies invest a lot of money in a good design and a good implementation of a website. Reason is that you can see what you have spent your money.


This is simply the point that search engine optimization is completely ignored. Since links are embedded via JavaScript to count, the clicks or all pages are loaded via iframe.

Invest in SEO

You should invest money into search engine optimization for a page. There are many mistakes you can make when programming a website. In most cases, developers do not know better or simply do not want the additional cost will be applied. The reasoning is not always easy here. You can see the results until weeks or months later. Depending on keyword, the optimization can also be very expensive and time-consuming. Many customers do not want to assume the costs and hope for a development and good positioning of the website. It should be noted, however, that the mistakes can negatively affect the optimal positioning, and it can affect the ranking.

Screen Design

A screen design is an important step in the development of websites. If an agency wants to convince a customer for example, it have to show a very good design. When the customer sees the layout, he must be said: “Exactly this is the page that I want to have!” A screen design is most developed in Photoshop. The screen design reflects the respective elements of the page (navigation, etc.) again and the customer can see where each area will be located on the new page.

Good screen design

If you look at some layouts, you will see that the clear structures are very important. To find good designer is not very easy, but it is an important step in the development of a website.


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