Choose and find a domain name and web hosting

You should bring some time already when planning a website properly. If the topic is found for your web project and the ideas for the content are mature you can do the first creative task. You have to find a domain name that matches the theme of your page. The following checklist of things you should consider when selecting a domain.


You should not choose your domain name too long. With. Your domain have to be long no more than about 25 characters, it is useful and is recommended. For long names, you cannot easily remember a URL, which is important for word-of-mouth spread. In addition, the name should be well and smoothly pronounceable. It also should be avoided language combination of words in different languages.

This is usually not well at and it does not make good professional impression.Nevertheless, do not worry, because the price range is from a few cents to several euros. Certainly, the choice of web host from the planned scope of the site and of the possibilities depends on who you want to have. If you 50 – 100 MB web space rich and you do not need PHP, MySQL, and other bells and whistles, then you will determined with 1 – commented 2 euros per month. For large projects that require PHP support also, it can be expected 3 – 10 euro per month.A good tip is to test different web hosting and then to choose the one that most closely fits your needs.


If you know a good site, which deals with a theme that is similar to yours, then trust yourself and write it out to the webmaster of the page a casual e-mail. Ask him if he interested in a link or button-exchange. If you catch the right people with a bit of luck, you can develop your site great. With a single link, of course you cannot do much, so it is recommend several links to and from other sites.

Colours in web design

Colours are an important factor for the overall image of a web site.

Since the pleasure of colour strongly depends on the taste of the user, it is almost impossible to find colours that everyone finds beautiful. However, you can try using a suitable colour scheme and contrasting colours to produce specific effects on an Internet user.The colour scheme shows all the colours that were used on text elements, headings, and some graphics.

To can find colours for your website you could do the following:

The base colour

Choose a base colour for your website. In this case, you should make sure that the colour could also be associated with the later presented content. That is, for example when it comes to a home on Water, Blue tones are the best colours. In addition, the base colour should not be a pastel colour but also not too bright colour. For example, as a base colour, could be used softer colours, which are neither flashy nor pastel.

The next step is to come to this colour to two levels, which allow you to colorize other elements of the page. The gradation you get by in the graphics program you set the background colour to the desired base colour and a white rectangle on the workspace. Then you know the rectangle to a transparency of about 15%. With the pipette, you can now read off the colour and you save the HEX code. Then you can adjust and save the HEX code of the transparency to about 5%.

White occurs usually somewhere on a website. Particularly common course as the background colour for the content area, so this is where the best background colour. Because we know that most preferably is read in black and white. Since white fits every colour, you can easily add them to your colour scheme.At the end, you cannot find a matching colour that provides some contrast to the shades of blue, but this is not necessary. Maybe now, comes the question: How do I know what colour suits my base colour? Although you can give some tips on how colours fit well together, all depends on your personal taste.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Design

Web Design

Repeatedly I see beautiful websites and think to myself, what a joy! Many companies invest a lot of money in a good design and a good implementation of a website. Reason is that you can see what you have spent your money.


This is simply the point that search engine optimization is completely ignored. Since links are embedded via JavaScript to count, the clicks or all pages are loaded via iframe.

Invest in SEO

You should invest money into search engine optimization for a page. There are many mistakes you can make when programming a website. In most cases, developers do not know better or simply do not want the additional cost will be applied. The reasoning is not always easy here. You can see the results until weeks or months later. Depending on keyword, the optimization can also be very expensive and time-consuming. Many customers do not want to assume the costs and hope for a development and good positioning of the website. It should be noted, however, that the mistakes can negatively affect the optimal positioning, and it can affect the ranking.

Screen Design

A screen design is an important step in the development of websites. If an agency wants to convince a customer for example, it have to show a very good design. When the customer sees the layout, he must be said: “Exactly this is the page that I want to have!” A screen design is most developed in Photoshop. The screen design reflects the respective elements of the page (navigation, etc.) again and the customer can see where each area will be located on the new page.

Good screen design

If you look at some layouts, you will see that the clear structures are very important. To find good designer is not very easy, but it is an important step in the development of a website.

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